Never fill my stomach full

I will feel sleepy after having a great meal.

In that case, I always just stare at the book, rather than reading that book. My mind refuse to absorb these stuff, maybe just because I am full.

Therefore, try to eat less.

Have a log

When study or practicing and else stuff, keep a log. Such as:

09:00 查到可以使用 rsyncd 来实现加密 09:40 发现 rsyncd 存在问题,本地密码是明文存储的,而且在那台 Ubuntu 主机上面也存在未知原因的问题。 10:00 发现可以使用 rssh 来解决问题,它将提供一个类似 nologin-shell 的东西,但是可以通过 ssh 连接。 …

Could be either written in paper, or typed on Emacs.